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NAMB HUD Webinar Replay

Here’s a video replay of today’s NAMB Webinar.  We had some unfortunate technical difficulties, but overall I think the content is excellent and hope it helps answer some of your questions about the new GFE & RESPA guidelines coming down the pike.  We’re planning on recording another follow up session in the next few days to answer even more of your questions.

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  1. Mary says:

    Was unable to join original webinar due to technical difficulties. Thank you for offering the video replay.
    Quick question-Will outsource processing companies be able to continue getting paid off of the HUD as 3rd party vendor or does the new GFE/HUD-1 eliminate that option?

  2. Third party vendors can continue to be paid of the HUD as a 3rd party vendor, however it will be listed on page two of the GFE in Box 1 as part of the origination charge.

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