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Building an Email Marketing List

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As old school as it might sound, there are few things more important to an Internet marketer than a good email list. Email is still a powerful way into consumers’ wallets.

What makes email marketing so important and how do you build the list?

The Importance of Email Marketing

The first step to success with email marketing is to understand that it’s important.

The simple fact is that the majority of Americans are in their email the majority of the day. It’s as essential as the phone in the business world and as common as the TV in the home. So, if you want to talk to consumers there is no surer place to find them than by email.

Add to this the fact that you are likely to get there attention, even if for a fraction of a second as they scan their inbox. Try to get that guarantee from TV, magazine, billboard, or other advertising medium. You can’t even get that assurance from website advertising.

What’s more, that bit of attention is guaranteed to be exclusive–just you and the customer.

How to Build an Email List

The first step is to drive acceptance. This means you need people (preferably prospects) to opt-in to your email marketing. There are a variety of ways, but here are a couple that work consistently.

Prominently display an option for email updates on your website or blog

  • Include a link to sign up for your email newsletter in your email signature
  • Use Twitter to pitch signing up for emails. Don’t forget an incentive (special content)
  • Buy aged Internet leads and have your initial contact encourage them to sign-up

At every turn in your marketing plan, in every contact with customers, and on each follow-up ask for their permission to receive emails from you.

In the (paraphrased) words of Seth Godin, once you have their permission to market to them you, you need only to find something to sell them.

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