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This is the year that Goals are


I say that as one that has routinely set goals and initially followed them but ended up short of the mark.  I have spent time thinking about the “WHY” behind that thought.  I have many times said, it’s not my fault, it’s out of my control, or someone else got in the way.

 I hereby am throwing down the “BS” flag and saying I am in control.  I am willing to commit real work, sweat and tears to my dreams and goals.

 I am the one who will look back at age 80 and say I accomplished this in my life (or I wish I would have).

 I have been through several planning sessions over the years including LTB’s BP events, Rene Rodriguez’s developing your WHY, Zig Ziglar’s goal setting and many others.  I have even shed tears with several colleagues when looking at my why.

 I NEVER went far enough and said these are NON-NEGOTIABLE period. 

 We all go to work but do we leave at the end of the day after tracking out success or making modifications to our actions for the next day?

 Goals must be measurable and specific.  They should be emotionally meaningful to YOU.  Whatever they are, YOU must define them now.

 I know I personally will commit to these being non-negotiable for the rest of my life.



 Because my family, my friends,

and my committed profession are

 too important to leave in the

 hands of chance. 


I believe everything happens for a reason, that reason gives us grounding, perception, character and the desire for change.  I have been fortunate to have really good people in my life and I am committed to making a difference for those I care about and those that care about their own success.

 If you are reading this, I am committed to YOU to make a difference if it is within my ability. 

 I expect you to care more about these than anyone else alive, but I will be equally demanding in my expectations to those I talk to.

 What do YOU, yes YOU really want in these areas?  This is not necessarily a full list be a good start.

 Relationship:  What are you willing to do for, with or to get the relationship you want?  What would it look like if you did that for 365 days straight?

 Family:  What are you willing to do for the members of your family?  What needs to be done, who needs your love and support, what does the older generation who might need assistance require and what does the next or younger generation need to learn and experience from you?

 Income:  What daily actions do you need to take to reach your stated goal?  What daily tasks need to become non-negotiable?  Calls, letters, emails, and personal meetings?  What would that income do for your family?  What would that income do for your mental health?  What would that income do for your fellow officemates and support staff? 

 Business Practices:  What do you need to systematize?  What do you need to standardize and document?  How would you teach/train your next staff member without this?  What do you think are NON-NEGOTIABLES for your clients and business partners?  What would your business look like if you implemented those for 365 days?

 Industry Associations:  What would it look like if you devoted some time and energy to your local, regional or national associations for the benefit of your industry?

 Education:  What books, tapes, videos or seminars will you attend to increase your knowledge and education?  Do you realize how that changes and molds your character and behavior? 

 Focus:  What would it look like if you took a positive outlook and approach every morning?  Do you realize that you set the tone to your own day?

 Savings/Investing:  What are you doing for your own security?  What would it look like if you actively worked a plan?  If you are not, what do you need to do to change this?

 Travel Where do you want to visit this year, this quarter, this month?  What would it be like if you could show your friends and family those places?

 Mentors:  Who do you need in your life to continue your journey?  What communications and connections do you need to obtain those?  What would it look like 365 days from now if you spent time with those mentors?

 Community Service:  Who in your community needs your help?  What can you do to better your environment?  What gifts do you have or talents can you share?

 Health:  Are you as healthy as you want?  What would it look like if you took the next 365 days to live a healthier life?  How many more years would that add to your life for your family?  How would you feel next year if you looked back at 365 days of exercise and healthier eating? 

 I want BHAG’s from you…..

 Big Hairy Audacious Goals


 I do not expect you to know HOW it will be done yet, only that you are setting the goals and they are measurable.  YOU must focus on these daily which will move you towards achievement. 

 If you were to say, I want to have these 3 people as mentors (whom ever they may be) then set the expectation and begin working towards those connections.  Will they happen day one….of course not.  But with consistent WORK towards that goal you sure to begin to create the communication chain that is required to meet them—undoubtedly. 

 If you were to say I want “X” income and that is 4 times my 2009 total will you have that day one?  Of course not, it will take you 365 days until you know what your 2010 total is.  It will take 365 days of blood, sweat, tears, pain, joy, success and excitement before you see your goal accomplished.

 Let this be the year in which you to throw down the “BS” flag and take control.  You can change the world you live in.  You can obtain all that you want, need, require and dream of. 

 Grab a separate journal or tablet.  Write down what you expect and have now said is NON-NEGOTIALBE for you moving forward.  This must be written and makes a bigger impact if it is in your own hand writing.  Certainly you can create a list via the computer, but when you have it done, I want you to write it out.  Put it somewhere that you can read it daily.  Nightstand, desk drawer, or???  I also would remove the first barrier and share that list with your mentor(s) and support systems. 

 But let this be a warning, if you are to truly say these items are now NON-NEGOTIABLE, you must also be willing to say, “I” have to change, grow, learn, dream, work, move towards those items.  YOU may have to move through uncomfortable items.  Whether public communication and speaking, phone calls you don’t’ like to make, personal visits that make you uncomfortable, studying, reading, planning, journaling, talking opening with mentors, etc…  This is YOUR life and you chose how to play it. 

 You can do it, but YOU must do it.

 I would normally say I wish you well on your journey, but in this case I say,

 “I wish you WORK on your journey.”


~~To Your Success 

Derek “BHAG’s for 2010” Egeberg



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Derek is the Branch Manager and Sr. Loan Officer for Academy Mortgage in Yuma, Arizona. Derek is NMLS Licensed (#180899) and has over 12 years experience of government lending, both on the mortgage broker and banker sides of the business. His passions are: helping first time home buyers as well as those who may need credit counseling. He resides in Yuma, AZ with wife Sheri and three wonderful sons.


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  1. Victoria says:

    So poignant and passionate, Derek! Wonderful post and a call to action we can all warmly and fiercely embrace. Please put me on your “willing to assist” list. 🙂

  2. Tim Davis says:

    I am blown away! Simple, powerful, and on target! Thanks!

  3. Bob Rutledge says:

    Well said!

    I find myself making goals that are simply nothing more than a want-a-be or worse something I hope for. The goals that I reach are the ones that I have sincerely asked myself; am I committed and why, then have detail the how to.

    Planning and executing my way to the top

  4. Victoria, Tim, Bob

    Thank you for the comments and feedback.

    I am convinced and committed that this can be the corner stone of my life and I am REALLY looking forward to 2010.

    I hope you also enjoy the ride this year also.

    I look forward to connecting in Atlanta for MREV as well as keeping touch this year.


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