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Be Where The Buyers Are – Write On High Traffic Real Estate Blogs

Diver-in-Middle-of-School-of-Fish-Bali-Indonesia-Photographic-Print-C13481597.jpegMost borrowers starting their home buying related research online generally end up landing on a real estate agent’s top ranking blog or web site.

If you’re in the purchase business game, it makes perfect sense to partner with agents that have high traffic sites which attract your target audience (Buyers).

My Las Vegas mortgage relationship-based business model had a slight set back in 2007 when the local market took a small turn for the worse.

Basically, all of my loyal agents ended up having to find new jobs, and the equity in my past clients’ properties disappeared.

While struggling to research new options, I realized that one of my close friends and Las Vegas agents was actually thriving as a result of his online presence.

Since we had already been working together on his sites for a couple of years, I decided to put all of my eggs in the online basket and go where the buyers were…. The Internet.

Over the course of several years, we chased shiny objects, built a real estate social network, launched some niche FHA and Property Management blogs and scraped our knees along the way.

However, the one thing we could always count on was that thousands of potential buyers were finding us in the search engines every month.

In our online evolution, we realized that the key to our success was getting found in the search engines at the precise moment our target audience was ready to make a buying decision.

In order to maintain those high traffic search rankings we have to invest several hours writing content and building links.

The Result

Thousands of unique visitors a month searching for homes and reading about the mortgage or real estate process on our blogs.

How Does That Traffic Convert?

Well, it depends on how soon these buyers need to close on a property.  Our typical sales cycle is about 4-8 months from the time someone lands on a real estate blog and then closes on a property.

Either way, the agents are busy closing transactions every month that are 100% generated from web traffic.

Keep in mind, these buyers aren’t typical Internet leads that get duped into filling out an online web form which generates hundreds of solicitation calls.

Instead, the people contacting us as a result of finding us online and reading our blogs are more informed and feel a sense of trust.

In essence, by providing valuable educational content on your agent’s site, potential buyers build a relationship with you before they’ve even made that initial phone call.

Main Point:

If you’re in the purchase money game, then the most efficient use of your time online is to contribute some mortgage related content to a local high traffic real estate blog.

Benefit To Contributing Loan Officer:

Get in front of the agent and their clients on a regular basis.

Benefit To Real Estate Agent:

Targeted content, and a lot of it, will attract buyers online that are in their final stages of making a decision to move forward with a home purchase.

Content, Traffic and Links are the three things that a social media savvy agent care more about than anything else.

Benefit To Client:

Education and empowerment.  You may say that you’ve got great service and you’re a consumer advocate, but borrowers expect us to earn their trust and respect these days.


I have the replay of a 60 minute webinar / interview about this strategy posted here:

Partnering With Social Media Savvy Agents Online

This isn’t a secret system with some hidden agenda we’re selling.  The reality is that very few originators will actually follow through with this.

The few that do will make powerful online networking partners.

As my friend Eric Blackwell says: Search Engine Marketing is a team sport.

Either way, it’s gonna take a strong army of mortgage professionals working together for a common goal if we want to bring some honor back to our industry in 2010.

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About Mark

Mark Madsen is a Las Vegas Real Estate professional with over 10 years banking experience who specializes in FHA First-Time Homebuyer Programs. Mark has been publishing articles about Homeownership Education since 2006, and is recognized nationally as a mortgage speaker and industry advocate.


3 Responses to “Be Where The Buyers Are – Write On High Traffic Real Estate Blogs”
  1. Chris Brown says:

    Just going through this one again – I cant believe it didnt get more attention than it has. Proof of your point of how few people will do it. =0)

    Competition? what competition?

    C the I

  2. Dean Tucker says:

    Hi Mark,

    Victoria Del Frate suggested I give you a shout… I recieved an offer from Google for $100 of FREE AdWords. I am wondering if it is worth my time to sign up for and use the free $100 bucks from Google?


    Dean Tucker
    Waterstone Mortgage – Prime Equity Group
    Boise Idaho

  3. Mark Madsen says:

    Hey Dean, sorry for the delayed response.

    Go ahead and give it a try, but make sure you design a very specific landing page for each one of your ppc campaigns.

    Couple of things to pay attention to:

    1. Give viewers what they expect – basically, the only content on your landing page should directly relate to the ad design

    2. Split test your landing pages and campaigns

    3. Do some research to see what other landing pages look like for your ppc ads

    4. Clearly define your call to action

    Good luck, let us know how it works.

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