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So Wait – this stuff actually works?????

Ok, so I’ve been working on my goals for 2010 and have started implementing some of the easy, low hanging fruit.

First off, per Mark Madsen’s suggestion I have upped my social networking presence. I think I answered one post on Zillow and 2 weeks ago a client popped up that told me he had stopped looking for a home over 1.5 years ago. Turns out he started looking again, was approved by 2 other mortgage companies but saw my post on Zillow and sent me a contact from there. Long story short – we’re closing his loan next week!

Now, the flip side of that story is “Shame on me!!!”. Shame on me for not having an automated program to keep in touch with folks like this potential buyer. I’m lucky that he remembered me (I’d like to think it’s all of the value and education I provided but let’s face it- I’m lucky he found me).

That feeds into one of my other easy goals for the year: Getting some automated marketing out to my existing and past clients and more for my referral partners. I had to be honest – I was AWFUL at this. Again, I was lucky that my clients really feel strongly about me because I do get a lot of referrals from past clients but how many opportunities did I miss because I didn’t have an easy, automated program in place.

So yesterday I powered through and started with an easy exercise. I entered my database of closed loans from this year into Platinum Plus (I actually figured out how to do that on my own – it was pretty easy!).

On the very evening that the initial ‘Thank You’ and ‘here’s the info you should expect over the coming months’ email that went out I had 3 responses from clients with ‘Thank you’ emails of their own. That may not seem like a big deal to all of you but this is something that I’ve been trying to do for years and the elation of getting it done and seeing instant results was great. Maybe it’s just me.

Now, the reality is that 4 people on my list were already being emailed by other Platinum Plus members. While I was very excited to get the program started I was also more than a bit upset that some of my great clients and referral partners are already spoken for by someone else. I KNOW I missed a refi and boy am I ticked – I really did a lot to help this couple buy a home when their loan was declined elsewhere and they went with someone else for their refi. Grrr, well guess what? That was MY fault. You’re welcome to the LO that got that deal – I really rolled the red carpet out for you on that one by not keeping in better touch with them and you deserve it. Lesson learned.

Leave it to me to identify the pain in this situation when there are so many positive takeaways. That’s just my process. If I only look at the silver lining I know I won’t adapt and learn. The hard stuff is what motivates me so I tend to focus on that.

I’ve also started a letter campaign for every client. A 3 year program where I only need to set and forget it once. Mark Green’s tom.hdev1.com is a great place to set something like this up. Holiday cards were a simple click and the 3 year card program is the same. Done.

Will any of this replace the calls, the personal approach, etc.? Definitely not. But I only have so many hours in the day and this really helps leverage some additional contact that is paying dividends already. And guess what? I barely know what the heck I’m doing with this stuff. That’s how easy it is!

It took about a day of work that I needed to carve out so I did a lot of this while on conference calls and I’ve already gotten the responses to show for that work – I love instant gratification

So if you are putting things like this off my suggest is – DON’T. It’s very little effort, money and time but should yield some great results.

Thanks again to the Marks and Mr. Egeberg for reminding us about our BHAGS (Big Hairy Audacious GoalS)!!!

Now go get some easy, effective work done – and start with the low hanging fruit!

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About Jason

Jason has been in the mortgage business for over 10 years and is the Branch Manager for Innovative Mortgage Concepts, A Division of Academy Mortgage Corporation located in Harleysville, PA. He has established his loan origination business through his dedication to building and nurturing referral relationships and creating 'raving fans' of his customers.


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  1. Victoria says:

    Congratulations, Jason! Great victories, indeed. Something to consider…When you are alerted via Plat Plus that a contact has “opted-out” or is already getting LTB goodies from another source, make this list of folks your “opportunity call list.” Many of my own coaching clients have initially tended to assume that the “opt-outs” mean…these people don’t ever want to hear from me again. 9 xs out of 10, this simply is not the case. This is a great opportunity to call these folks and say,

    “Wanted to let you know that it was an important goal of mine this year to keep in better contact with my clients and friends and I elected to accomplish that through relevant email communications and direct phone calls. However, I know that some people simply prefer not to be emailed due to the high number of emails they have to contend with on a daily basis. So, I wanted to make sure I called you directly and asked how YOU would prefer that I reach out to you, when I have information that could be pertinent to you, your financial health or current loan status…”

    It’s direct, transparent, shows you care and opens the door to a good conversation that can lead you into a great conversation. You’d be amazed what my clients have reported back to me after making these calls. 🙂

    Hope this helps. Cheers to your continued success throughout 2010 and beyond, Jason.

  2. Mark Madsen says:

    Great job dude. I put together a template on our FHA blog so that I can send out a quick video email to everyone once a week. 2010’s goal is to be more efficient at delivering and communicating important messages to my networking partners. As much as I hate being on video, it is essential in getting people’s attention.

  3. Great advice Victoria! I’m not ready to lose those clients that easily and your script is a great way to reconnect and foster that relationship!

    Can’t wait to see that video today Mark (is that enough pressure for ya 😉 ).

    Appreciate the feedback and comments!

    Looking forward to another great year in 2010!!

  4. Wendy Abner says:

    Hello Jason,
    Can you share how to find this database you chose? I cannot locate it. Who provides this database program? Thank you as this is exactly what I have on my 2010 goals, as well as a good business card scanner that will work with a database, email drip campaign,

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