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Vendor Spotlight: Eventbrite

I’ve been practically ignoring the Top of Mind Blog for the past month while preparing for Mortgage Revolution. I’ll talk more about MRev in another post later on.

Right now, I want to tell you about a company that is so freaking awesome, I just had to call them up at 6 am on a Saturday morning and keep the customer service guy on the phone for 45 minutes telling him what a fantastic company he works for.  Needless to say, he agreed with me.

headerlogo-transThis company is called Eventbrite.  (Full disclosure:  I only endorse companies I like.  I don’t receive any compensation in any manner whatsoever.  This review is from the heart.)  During the first 120 days of our MRev planning, it was complete and utter chaos.  We were all just volunteers.  None of us had ever put on a seminar before.  The first paralyzing snafu occurred when we decided to incorporate as a nonprofit with the name “Mortgage Revolution” (all MRev profits go to charity) in the State of New York.  There was so much red tape to go through, we didn’t end up receiving our incorporation documents for almost 6 months… which meant we couldn’t create a merchant account… which meant we couldn’t accept credit cards… which means we couldn’t pre-sell MRev tickets.

It’s kind of difficult to gauge how many people are going to attend your event when you can’t even sell them a ticket!  Eventbrite solved this for us with a few clicks of my mouse.  We created our event online – and Eventbrite handled all the ticket sales – even including the credit card function.  Once the event is over, they wait 5 business days and cut a check for the proceeds to you.  Now THAT’S easy.

One of the other really cool features of Eventbrite is their suite of communications tools.  Let’s say you want to send a quick email to every registered attendee of your event… you can do this within Eventbrite in about 2 minutes.  No managing a database.  No worrying about getting blocked by SPAM filters.  Just a clean, easy way of communicating critical details & news.

Bear with me here… there are a lot of other killer features I loved about Eventbrite.  Perhaps my favorite:  the ability to create “discount codes” on the fly.  If I was on the phone with someone who wanted to come to MRev and needed some sort of group discount, I could click a button and build a special discount code just for that person (or group of people).  You couldn’t imagine how handy this is until you start receiving the calls with one-off requests.

Okay, final thing… once you’ve created your event and determined how much you’re charging for tickets, Eventbrite creates a widget for you.  You simply copy the embed code (just as simple as embedding a photo in a blog article) and drop it wherever you want it.  Your promotional partners can do the same on their sites.  This Eventbrite tool’s functionality knows absolutely no boundaries.

So if you’ve ever thought of hosting an event – say a first time home buyer seminar – and want to save yourself a world of pain… just create a free Eventbrite account and get to work.  They make their money by attaching a nominal fee to each ticket sold (kind of like Ticketmaster!).

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