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Surefire 2.0 Soft Launch – We Are Live

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After over a year in development and two consecutive all-nighters from the programming team, we’ve officially soft launched the new Surefire 2.0 platform.  Here’s a short list of FAQ’s about our new Contact Management System:

What Should I Expect Today?

Today’s release is pretty raw, but it will give you a feel for your new Surefire interface.  There are known bugs we’re working on.  We expect other bugs to surface as you begin playing with SF 2.0.  When you experience a bug, would you please email Sherwood Lawrence at slawrence at topofmind dot com?

What Should I Expect Over Time?

Surefire 2.0 is the largest and most challenging development project we’ve ever taken on at Top of Mind Networks.  And with today’s release, we realize that our work has merely begun.  Over the weeks and months ahead, we’re going to continue adding new features.  We’re also going to be doing live (and recorded) webinars to train our clients on Surefire 2.0.  The best way to stay abreast of new Surefire features/training is to add the Top of Mind Blog to your Google Reader.  We’ll also be communicating updates in your weekly Top of Mind Activity Report.

Why Did We Develop Surefire 2.0 and What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

Our philosophy at Top of Mind for the past seven years has been quite simple:  build a great product, price it fairly and give top shelf customer service.  Today’s Surefire 2.0 release is just another extension of our original value proposition.  If you’re an active Surefire client, we’re upgrading you at no charge.  Hopefully, you’ll love us even more.  And if you’re REALLY happy, we hope you might even refer some friends our way.

Is That All?

Well, no.  We’re also about to officially release our Lenderama mortgage websites and blogs.  Some of you have already seen the beta – and it’s pretty sweet.  We’ve got about 65 new articles to populate into the master template and we’ll be ready to roll.  If you’re stuck with one of those plain vanilla websites, you may want to drop me a line and/or get into the queue.  These websites will be the best in the industry.  And oh yeah, they’ll be free for active Surefire 2.0 clients too.  No s&#t Jack.  We’re not screwing around over here.  We want to be the best mortgage marketing company on the planet.

Once we put a little polish on our new Contact Management System, we think we’ll be there.  Thanks to you – our clients – for inspiring us and pushing us to continue getting better.  We’ve only just begun.

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