?> Surefire 2.0 Live Training – Weekdays at 4pm EST 1pm PST
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Surefire 2.0 Live Training – Weekdays at 4pm EST 1pm PST

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We’re very excited to have officially released the Early Adopter version of our new Surefire 2.0 interface.  We know this transition is going to be easier on some folks than others and we are here to help!  Here’s the action plan:

1)  Every day at 4pm EST, 1pm PSTwe’ll be holding a live Surefire 2.0 Training and Troubleshooting Session.  Instead of making everyone jump through hoops with GoToWebinar registration pages for every session, we’re going to post the Webinar Training link right here on the Top of Mind Blog each day 15 minutes before the training begins.

CRITICAL NOTE:  We’ll be limited to 200 attendees on these training calls.

CRITICAL NOTE #2:  To Participate, Please Go To the Top of Mind Blog at 4pm EST and follow the instructions

If we find that more than 200 people are trying to attend our Training Sessions, we’ll make adjustments accordingly.

2)  We’ve added a link to the old Surefire client login for those of you who would like to gradually move toward the new system.

3)  We want to hear from you with any bugs or improvements you need to see.  The best way to address them is by emailing Sherwood Lawrence at slawrence at topofmind dot com or calling the office at 404-943-9910 x117.

Thank you for the positive – and even the not-so-positive feedback!

We are working around the clock and will be making constant improvements.

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