?> Top of Mind Networks Geeked Out Development update 4/27
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Top of Mind Networks Geeked Out Development update 4/27

New Deadline:                 5/14

Code Complete:               40%

Momentum:                      Strong

Current Roadblocks:       None

Confidence Level:           95%


What’s going well?

 For this update, I wanted to switch gears and focus more on the individual components as we refactor them to be better/faster.  The new site is made up of the following areas with status indicated next to them.  

Area Status Coded Details
Dashboard  RED 0% Last thing we’ll do
Call List  GREEN 100% In testing
Calendar  GREEN 80% Almost done, working on integration, shared views
Groups  GREEN 100% Conversion postponed, integration completed, In testing
Campaigns  YELLOW 20% Conversion postponed, integration started
Contacts  YELLOW 40% Working on all the detail pages
Email Service  RED 0% Needs review
Company  RED 0%  
Account  RED 0%  
Help  RED 0%  

 Overall, the conversion back to server side code is going well.  We haven’t run into any roadblocks yet.  It’s really been a matter of just churning out code.  I think by the end of this week, we should have 60-75% of this work done, as company and account are not large components to rewrite, and campaigns is a integration, not a rewrite.

 What could be better?

 On Thursday, we unexpectedly lost a developer for this project.  This meant we had to look back at our feedback and determine which UI elements were going to get the “rewrite for fast access” treatment and which UI we were just going to have to port over till later.  The areas owned by the “no longer with us” developer were not UI components that require super fast access, so we’re just porting that code over now as is.  This is in groups and campaigns.  Fortunately, the loss does not impact our schedule at this point; it just delays rewrites of less critical UI elements.

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Sherwood joined Top of Mind Networks in November 2004 after working seven years at Microsoft; providing rare but powerful evidence that it is possible for an individual to emerge from the collective even after full assimilation has occurred. When he is not listening to ambient, electronica, dance music or reading a scifi/fantasy novel, he loves to transform great ideas into compelling products and services.

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