?> Mortgage Blog Content Project – Webinar Tues, May 4
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Mortgage Blog Content Project – Webinar Tues, May 4

We launched a little mortgage content project about 6 weeks ago for the purpose of helping busy loan officers work together on developing a solid foundation of core information to populate into new blogs.

Basically, everyone submitted a few articles to the cause, and we did the heavy lifting of organizing and editing.

I sincerely want to thank everyone for your participation, as well as patience as we’ve worked on completing the project.

Well, we’re finally done, and it’s time to start giving everyone their new sites.

As these sites start to go live, we’ll update this post with some links and examples.


Game Plan:

1. All Mortgage Blogs will be assigned and populated over the next week by Mark Madsen and Top of Mind.

2. You’ll be receiving your login information via email, which will take you to a www.DOMAIN.lenderama.com site.

3. Separate instructions for getting started with links to our basic tutorials within this site will be emailed by Monday. More tutorials to follow as this project progresses.

>> Mortgage Blogging 101 Tutorials Page

4. Our first intro Webinar will be Tuesday, May 4 @ 3:30 EST –

5. After the webinar, you’ll be given instructions on how to change your URL address from www.DOMAIN.lenderama.com to your own unique www.joeloanofficer.com domain.


Overview Of Webinar:

We actually have several similar webinars scheduled throughout May and June which will be dedicated to teaching new Mortgage Bloggers all of the essential skills needed to effectively run a successful blog.

This Tuesday we will focus on some of the most basic tasks of getting started on a WordPress blog.

>> Mortgage Blogging 101 Tutorials Page

Other basic topics that will be covered during Tuesday courses will include:

  1. Getting a Gravatar account
  2. Logging in to WordPress
  3. Navigating the WordPress Dashboard
  4. First steps in setting up a new blog
  5. Page vs Post
  6. Categories vs Tags
  7. HTML and Visual Editor
  8. Designing a content schedule
  9. Understanding the architecture of a blog
  10. Important components of a Mortgage Blog

There is no cost, and we’re not trying to create a database marketing list.

Holding group webinars is simply the most efficient way of putting several hundred new mortgage bloggers online in the shortest amount of time.


Webinar Info:


Time:  3:30 Eastern Standard Time

Day:  Tuesday, May 4

Duration:  30 min of focused content, and then 90 minutes of Q&A

Background Info On Mortgage Blog ProjectCLICK HERE

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3 Responses to “Mortgage Blog Content Project – Webinar Tues, May 4”
  1. Chris Brown says:

    Excited about the project – huge value to busy folks to be sure. Thanks Mark for running with the ball and this [and carrying the rest of us with you]. =0)


  2. Mark Estermyer says:

    MM…you are the man and anything I can do to thank you will fall short of what you have given. Thank You!!!!

  3. Laura Morton says:

    We look forward to the upcoming webinars. We are interested in internet marketing and how to direct traffic from the blog sites to the main website.

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