?> Top of Mind Networks Geeked Out Development update 5/6
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Top of Mind Networks Geeked Out Development update 5/6

New Deadline: 5/14

Code Complete: 70%

Momentum: Medium

Current Roadblocks: none

Confidence Level: 85%

What痴 going well?

The Javascript jungle has been mostly tamed… at least a bit (it just took me 6 days instead of 4). I致e successfully ported over all our code to external files so we can more easily debug any issues in Visual Studio (sweet). This is a huge step forward. If any of you have ever tried to debug 3000+ lines of inline javascript, you know what I知 talking about. From a non-geek, practical perspective, it means I知 very likely NOT going to have to cut groups or campaigns, which I知 pretty thrilled about! We DO still have to track down some email issues, but I知 reasonably optimistic about the whole area now.

There is also a reasonably good chance that we will be code complete on contacts and calendar by the end of day tomorrow. Just depends on how many minutes of sleep we think we can afford.

Area Status Coded Details
Dashboard 0% Fluff, might cut
Call List Green 100% In testing
Calendar Green 95% Just need to add 田lient admin views
Groups Green 100% In testing
Contacts Green 85% UI fixups
Campaigns Yellow 70% Javascript converted, UI fixups, etc. needs more fine tuning
Email Service Yellow 70% Debugging issues with the send service and SQL calls
Company Red 0%
Account Red 0%
Help 10% Help forms completed, but this area has a large vision attached to it

What could be better?

Well, I wasn稚 particularly thrilled to be short one developer going into our 吐ast and furious redo, but I知 really not thrilled it took me six days to straighten out the Javascript mess that was left behind. I will likely be spending another couple of days on the groups/campaigns pages just to get them ship shape. That doesn稚 leave much time for Company, Account, or Help.

Final Thoughts

When we roll out again on 5/15, we will keep both sites up and running so that the switchover can be gradual and clients can learn the new system while having a safety net of the old available. We absolutely want this to be a positive experience migrating to the new site, not a negative one. We will continue to work on the new site to get things tight, easy to use, and really start to fill out the Help areas. We will also completely rethink and reconfigure our feature release process. One of the many key lessons I致e learned is not to try and release tons of stuff at once. We will be working on and releasing micro features on a regular basis instead of waiting a year to release a huge clunker. It痴 been a tough year and a tough release, but it痴 also been a huge learning experience. There are some things I know I want to go to the drawing board on, but we won稚 be biting off huge feature sets like we did initially. Small, containable releases, are definitely the way to go from now on.

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Sherwood joined Top of Mind Networks in November 2004 after working seven years at Microsoft; providing rare but powerful evidence that it is possible for an individual to emerge from the collective even after full assimilation has occurred. When he is not listening to ambient, electronica, dance music or reading a scifi/fantasy novel, he loves to transform great ideas into compelling products and services.

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