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Evite and the Power of a Captive Audience

Evite is one of those services that almost everyone uses, but almost nobody takes full advantage of all of the various bells and whistles. Did you know that you can create a profile that everyone who is on the same invite list as you can see? It is very easy to create an account within Evite (I would do so for all of your email addresses, both personal and business). Then, any time that email address is on an invite list your profile will be displayed.

Now, on to the point. Who cares if you can have a profile on Evite, it is just one more account to manage right? That question kind of answers itself. Since there seemingly is little to no benefit to this functionality, very few people use it. Take a look at the image below. This was a recent invitation list I was on, with roughly 50 other people. Including me, there were 3 people with profiles.

So as someone who is invited to an event, I am always curious who else will be there. And as my eye scrolls down the list, it naturally goes to individuals with profiles first. So simply having that profile picture will immediately draw attention to you. OK, then what? All a user has to do is scroll their mouse over your picture/name and a popup with a profile preview will come up. This will not display your entire profile, and unfortunately you cannot even pick which fields are displayed. By default, in this window Evite will display your name, picture, birthday, gender, relationship status, favorite dinner spot, hometown, and what you would do if you found $1000. Of all of these fields, most of them have predetermined answers for you to pick from, only a few allow you to enter whatever you want. This is where you can get creative. So for your name, instead of David Orsini, it could be The Mortgage Guy (David Orsini). So here you instantly have one more billboard online, and one more small captive audience list to show what you do. Who knows, this could spark a conversation at the party about helping someone save money on their mortgage payment. After all, all the attendees now know what you do and what you look like.

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David Orsini is Chief Operating Officer of Top of Mind Networks and oversees the fulfillment and product development divisions of the company. David specializes in building systems that help mortgage professionals maximize their relationships with their client base without having to lift a finger.


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  1. Thanks for the advice! I just did this and about 20 minutes later got an Evite to a summer pool party. Of the 25 people on the list, I’m the only one with a profile!

    You and I have the same favorite dinner spot!

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