?> Top of Mind Networks Geeked Out Development update 5/21
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Top of Mind Networks Geeked Out Development update 5/21

Readers, many of you know David Orsini as one of the three owners of the company and the original developer of our surefire 1.0 system.  Because no one actually knows this system better than David, part of our restructuring last week was designed to free up some of David’s time so that he can extend the current surefire 1.0 system to provide the 2.0 capabilities we’ve been talking about for so long. 

Our original thought last year (seems like a lifetime ago) was to free up Davids time by getting him out of development by rewriting his current system.  Unfortunately, that turned out to be a colossal monster of an undertaking and started to have no end in sight.  As that decision started to make less and less sense, we finally decided to stop the madness and rethink our whole strategy.  So now we’ve freed up David in other ways so he can do more development work and ”extend” his current system to get the new functionality we need.  Sounds like a no-brainer, right?  Well, most things do in hindsight.  But anyway, no use crying over that spilled milk. 

Development along our 6/1 deadline is progressing and we see no current roadblocks.  And with that status update appropriately blogged, I’ll be handing over the release update/blog responsibilities to David.  Please be on the lookout for David’s updates on our development efforts.  I don’t know if he’ll be as wordy and lengthy and verbose as me, but I’m sure he’ll do his darned best.


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Sherwood joined Top of Mind Networks in November 2004 after working seven years at Microsoft; providing rare but powerful evidence that it is possible for an individual to emerge from the collective even after full assimilation has occurred. When he is not listening to ambient, electronica, dance music or reading a scifi/fantasy novel, he loves to transform great ideas into compelling products and services.

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