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Release 1 of Surefire 2.0 is live!

We are very pleased to announce that release 1 of Surefire 2.0 is now live. This will be the framework for all future releases. I have created a short demo video you can see below detailing all of the new functionality. But here are a few bullet points detailing the highlights in case you don’t want to watch the video:

  1. Adding New Contacts – Data entry has been simplified. We got rid of the multi-page data entry model for adding a new contact. Now all contact info is on a single page and the only data required is the first and last name. So now if you meet someone at the grocery store and want to add them to your Surefire database, all you need is a name. although an email address would certainly be nice so you can send them emails.
  2. Notes – You can now add notes under each contact in your database. This will allow you to keep a conversation log each time you talk to someone. You can also view all recent notes for your whole database on the notes summary page, just to keep tabs on what you have done lately.
  3. Activities – You can schedule calls or meetings with your contacts. You select the time and date and it will add the task to your “My to do list” for that day. You can mark these activities as done once completed to remove them from your list.
  4. Static Groups – Very simply functionality; you create a group, then scroll through your contact list to add contacts to the group.
  5. Dynamic Groups – With a static group, you add and remove people from it. A dynamic group adds and removes contacts based on a specific criteria. So you can create a dynamic group for all VA closings you did in 2009. And based on their loan criteria, past clients will be added or taken out of this group.

Most of this is very basic functionality, but still a huge step above what we had before. The next step is to take this functionality a step further. Very soon you will be able to take those groups you have segmented out and send email blasts to the contacts in those groups. We will do another update once that is done… estimated dev time 2 weeks.

If you are having trouble viewing this video or would like to see a larger version so it
is easier to see please click

There a couple of flees with this video I am going to go ahead and call myself out on, I promise the next one will be better:

  1. My microphone is awful so the volume is kind of low, you may need to turn your speakers up to hear it.
  2. I accidentally selected 2007 as the ‘end closing date’ instead of 2006 in the dynamic groups demo. I saw it at the last minute after all video editing had been completed and I didn’t think that was worth going back and starting over for.

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