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Building It Only Gets You Halfway There

In the Mortgage CRM world, firms like Top of Mind Networks compete hard for your business.  The route we’ve chosen is a path of constant innovation and high value.  When I woke up this morning, I noticed that an old video (below)  is making the rounds on Facebook:

For me, this is a very compelling story for two major reasons:

1.  It once again proves the power of social media and video marketing.  The fact this video went viral is surely costing HP tens of millions of dollars – and remember it’s only half of the story.  Most people won’t take the extra step to figure out the other side… but here it is.  There is plenty of wrong to go around here and the purpose of this article is not to debate who is most out of line…

2.  The main purpose of this article is to illustrate how difficult it is for companies to support their product line.  Companies like HP operate in the ultra-competitive technology space – and battle for literally billions of dollars.  The stakes don’t get much higher.  In this case, we’re talking about a piece of crap $100 all-in-one machine they might have made $20 per unit selling.  And I’m being generous with that $20.

The more piece of crap $100 printers HP puts out there, the more calls they’re going to receive at their help desk.  Then HP is faced with another decision – a decision all technology companies must face – how do they best… and most profitably… support their product line?  Clearly, HP must have upset this soldier in Iraq with a lack of support somewhere down the line.

We in the Mortgage CRM space also face the “build it” – “support it” dilemma.  And I am quite proud of Top of Mind’s decision to invest in the often invisible and unappreciated customer support function.  When you call Top of Mind Networks during business hours, an actual human being answers the phone – hopefully before the third ring.  We have a sense of urgency to help you solve whatever problem you’re having – not tomorrow and not next week, but now.  There is no such thing as the perfect product or the perfect software solution.  So the difference between vendors often comes down to support.

I’m extremely proud of our team led by Maggie Reames, David Orsini, Sherwood Lawrence, Stacey Garner, Dante Jones and even yours truly.  I’m also proud to announce that Top of Mind Networks just enjoyed its best month in our 7-year history.  To celebrate our accomplishment, we’re making another significant investment back into the company – in the form of even better customer service.  Videos like the one above strongly reinforce the fact that no matter how great your product might be, you’re going to fail if you cannot support it.

I’d like to also give a shout out to my friend and unofficial mentor Mike Gulitz of Mortgage Planner CRM.  The friendship Mike and I have forged over the past several years really inspires me.  And speaking of customer support – wow, Mike’s company sets an extremely high bar.  Just ask Jeremy Forcier - one of our mutual clients.

In closing, I hope everyone enjoys their Fourth of July holiday.  Thanks again to everyone for helping Top of Mind Networks enjoy its best month ever.  We are going to keep reinvesting into our business, so please stay tuned for more news right here on the Top of Mind Blog.

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  1. Mike Gulitz says:

    Hey Mark,

    Great article! Talk about customer feedback. And thank you for the “shout out.” The entire MPC Team is proud to be working with the great team at Top of Mind Networks.


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