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Live Tutorial – How To Build Free Single Property Websites

Tutorial Below:

This 6-minute tutorial walks you through how to build a nice, clean Single Property Website using our Lenderama Website Platform.  Please turn your speakers up to full volume – sorry for the poor audio quality:

Note:  We had some technical difficulties during our live webinar and I think this 6 minute video David recorded will be more useful than the 45 minute webinar we conducted last week.  The audio is not particularly great though and we do apologize – and will be re-recording the video when…

Note #2:  … we launch the new platform in May 2011.  Our new platform is going to make the process even easier – plus we’ll be adding a bunch of social media and syndication tools. 

Note #3:  You must have a Lenderama website (free upgrade available to all Top of Mind “Surefire” clients) in order to build Single Property Websites.  If you do not have a Lenderama website, you can register for yours here:  http://topofmind.lenderama.com/register

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  1. Hi Mark – I signed up and it said March 18th, not February 18th.

    Which is it?

    Thank you.

  2. Mark Green says:

    Chik, I just noticed that this morning and fixed it. You should have gotten a confirmation. It’s Feb 18th. Sorry about that.

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