?> Supplementing Your Mortgage CRM With Facebook Updates - It Works. Here's An Example:
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Supplementing Your Mortgage CRM With Facebook Updates – It Works. Here's An Example:

I’m in the “I Love Facebook” camp.  Not because I “use” it for business.  I really don’t “use” Facebook at all.  Use just doesn’t seem like the right word.  We don’t say we “use” the television.  So I don’t subscribe to all the noise out there from the Social Media gurus teaching people how to “use” Facebook.

But, I feel very strongly that Facebook is a fantastic complement to your existing mortgage CRM efforts.  Here’s an example from my personal life just the other day:

I happened to be checking status updates about 10 minutes before a sales call.  One of my friends is an insurance agent, and he posted some really awesome pictures of him and his daughter dressed up in rock-n-roll costumes.  Well, when I hit the “share screen” button for my online sales call, the mortgage originator I was meeting with saw the same photos I was looking at.  She has daughters too and commented on the awesomeness of the photos.

And then, it occurred to me that my Facebook buddy is an insurance agent – and his main referral source is mortgage professionals.  So I asked my sales prospect if she was currently working with an insurance professional and she said “NO!!!  But I’d love to talk to your friend as soon as possible.”

  • She immediately saw that he is a “real” person who is an involved parent.
  • She knows that I’m friends with him and that’s a natural endorsement without me having to say a word.
  • She knows that since he’s dressed up like Motley Crue he must be a pretty interesting guy.

So, the next thing you know, I’m patching two really great people together who could easily end up working together.

Without Facebook, this wouldn’t have happened.  So again… like I’ve said many times over the past couple years.  Don’t “use” Facebook.  Just be yourself and you too will find that not only will you enjoy the experience… you might even build your business!

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  1. Nice post, great perspective and an awesome example Mark.

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