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46 Minutes…

Never seems to fail that whenever a SureFire mailing goes out that there is a response of the impending application kind and aren’t those the best?

At 6:45 AM I received my notice and sample of the Neighborhood Home Activity Report email going out to my DB, at 7:31 AM, the following email arrived:


So of course my first action was to respond to the client and the next thing I did – now at 7:52AM was to make this post. As I was writing this, the client responded saying that she would like to set up a time to go over the details next week.

As more and more responsibilities are handed to us and the work required to close loans increases, I appreciate more and more that staying in touch with my past clients is regularly happening whether I’m being pro-active about it or not.

It’s also hard to make the time to reach out to those that make this possible but I was compelled to do so today. So, thanks to all of you at Top of Mind, SureFire is the best!

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  1. Mark Green says:

    Whoa, Brian thanks a million for sharing this success story! This is the type of feedback that gets me amped. Can’t express enough how grateful I am to have good friends like you. Thanks again!

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