?> Here's Where Surefire Succeeds Where Most Mortgage CRM Solutions Eventually Fail
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Here's Where Surefire Succeeds Where Most Mortgage CRM Solutions Eventually Fail

We’ve been exceptionally fortunate here at Top of Mind Networks.

When the market crashed, we had two choices.  One possibility was to roll up into the fetal position and hope for the best.  Another was to channel everything we had into our Surefire System.  I’m proud we chose the latter.  But when we set out to build the industry’s best mortgage CRM platform, one of our big challenges was this:

How do you create one-to-one content for borrowers?  In other words, how do you craft a message that readers see value in regardless of where they are in the mortgage life cycle?  Or what their interest rate is?

The short answer is that our approach to email marketing works because we’ve identified what borrowers care most about.  It’s the same thing you and I both care most about when it comes to what we choose to read (or not read).  It’s an old cliche, but our email marketing content answers the WIIFM (what’s in it for me?) question very well.  And that’s why it works – not just in the short term… but over the long haul.

This month, Top of Mind will be unveiling its newest innovation(s) – our Campaign Builder and Template Library.  And the WIIFM for you, our clients, is extremely powerful.  This month, you’ll be able to add each individual in your database – be it clients, prospects, referral sources, or even your general Sphere of Influence – into the ideal email campaign with one click of a mouse button.

It’s coming – really.  But all this new functionality will be worthless to you unless you take one critical action:  segment your database.  It’s actually much easier to do than meets the eye, but when it comes to marketing success, nothing is more critical.  Would you like to learn how to segment your database easily… painlessly… using your Surefire System?

Please consider joining Maggie Reames at our next Surefire Overview Webinar.  You’ll learn:

  1. How to navigate Surefire and identify opportunities
  2. How to supplement the marketing we do for you with your own highly personalized email blasts
  3. And of course… you’ll learn how to place your contacts into the proper “buckets” and truly master “one-to-one” marketing

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Mark is President of Top of Mind Networks, specializing in turn-key CRM solutions for mortgage professionals.


2 Responses to “Here's Where Surefire Succeeds Where Most Mortgage CRM Solutions Eventually Fail”
  1. Brian Larrabee says:

    Mr. Green,

    This is what I love about Top of Mind – for such a generally happy guy, you’re never seemingly happy with good enough. SureFire is an amazing set it and forget it tool for us LO’s but it’s sure not been a build it and forget it endeavor for you. Always improving, always expanding and ALWAYS with your users top of mind.

  2. Ben Yost says:

    Good Stuff!

    Keep on improving and we will be able to do the same!

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