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Did you happen to see the South Park episode when Cartman inherited a million dollars and bought an old, failing amusement park?

Yep, he called it Cartmanland. And once he bought the place, he opened the theme park up to… nobody. Don’t you see, this way he could ride all the rides he wanted… and no lines! Well Cartmanland worked out great for a while, but eventually Cartman started to realize owning a theme park required maintenance… and security. But he didn’t have any money for those things because he’d spent the entire million buying the park.

So in order to raise the money he needed for repairs and upkeep, Cartman decided to let two – and ONLY two – people buy tickets into Cartmanland each day. Of course, this scarcity threw people into a buying frenzy. What was a failing amusement park only weeks before suddenly began drawing throngs of ravenous fans. Cartman hadn’t changed a single thing except limiting the number of people who could buy from him.

It’s actually a funny episode and you can watch it here: http://www.southparkstudios.com/full-episodes/s05e06-cartmanland.

Warning, it does contain some pottymouth humor. But it teaches us a solid business lesson.

We really shouldn’t try to do business with “everybody”. Instead, we ought to figure out who we work best with and who inspires us. Do you enjoy working with first time home buyers? Why not specialize in serving that market? Or maybe you’re awesome at originating reverse mortgages?

In sales, I think most of us inherently want more. More clients. More revenue. More success. Right?

Now that we’re 8 years into this ride, I think our clients like knowing that Top of Mind provides them that edge… and that we’re still a relatively well kept secret in the mortgage marketing world. And you know what? When you genuinely stop trying to sell “everybody”, your clients will realize and appreciate that they really ARE valued. I’d have bolded that for effect but for some reason our blog doesn’t seem to like the new IE 9. Oh well. Point made.

Again, if you don’t like potty humor don’t watch that episode. Most of it is pretty stupid.

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