?> How to Blow Up Your Phones Today Using Surefire
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How to Blow Up Your Phones Today Using Surefire

Sorry, but I flailed for the first couple minutes of this webinar because I am a moron. Wasn’t showing my screen.

Please see a few notes from today’s training underneath the video.


1) So far more than 50 of you have replicated this technique. Some of you have shared your successes with me. Thank you, and please keep them coming. One way to share your success stories is to comment on this blog article (below). Thank you!

2) After sending your email blast, you can get an idea as to who is viewing it… in real time. On the right hand nav bar, scroll down until you see “Email Blast Report”. When you drill down into that area of Surefire, you’ll see who opened and viewed the email. Please know – this is not going to be 100% accurate… I can explain why in another blog post sometime. My point here is that if you decide to “call behind” your email campaign, you might want to prioritize the readers who you know interacted with the email.

3) Caleb’s success – and yours – is directly tied to the trust level you’ve instilled with your database over your career. If you’re a novice database marketer, that’s okay, but there’s no better time to raise your game than TODAY. Get your database cleaned up. Let us help you get it uploaded into Surefire. Let’s get fired up and start implementing right now. Who’s in?????

Thanks again to Caleb LeGrand for letting me share his success.
Thanks to Toni Flory for being my guinea pig for today’s training.
Thanks to all of you – our clients – for making this possible.

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  1. David Orsini says:

    Just a follow up on this for some more technical details. Caleb sent that email to 260 people. So far he had 96 unique opens. That is a 37% open rate. Most email marketing companies will tell you that 20-30% is about average for open rates, so this was a good 10% higher. And, if Caleb did in fact have 85 voice mails as a direct result of this email, that is a 33% RESPONSE RATE. So the response rate of this email strategy was higher than most people’s open rates. That is pretty impressive. Also keep in mind, I am posting this only 1 day after the email was sent. Not everyone is glued to their computers like we are so some people may not have even seen the email yet; so I anticipate this number will go up. And, possibly more amazing than anything else, as of right now (1 day later) Caleb has 0 opt outs from this email. Not one single person saw this email and opted out. How many of you out there are using other “newsletter” type solutions where you get multiple opt outs on every send?

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