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Mortgage Revolution

Founded by Mark Green, Mark Madsen, and Brian Larrabee; Mortgage Revolution is a grass-roots movement of true mortgage professionals joining forces to influence a positive change in our industry. We have organized numerous non-profit and spam-free events for the purpose of bringing the surviving loan officers together to form a new breed of leadership.

Inspired by the REbarcamp movement and Bloodhound Blog Unchained events that have taken over the real estate technology world, Mortgage Revolution is tailored to meet the specific education, marketing, and networking needs of today’s loan originators. A true educational experience provided by the participants and volunteer event coordinators. Organized chaos, high level brainstorming, user generated experience…. are great ways to describe these events. Everyone is an expert at something, and the members of the Revolution sincerely believe that the key to success is to enable the success of others. Click the banner below to find out about upcoming Mortgage Revolution events or to find out ways you can help the revolution!