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Top of Mind Networks – Around the Web

Sometimes 1.0 Is Better

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Getting a message to your database is all about one thing, breaking through the clutter. If your client never reads your message then it was a waste. Web 2.0 is, by design, a highly transparent communication tool. Even though you can generate highly personalized communications based on information your prospects, clients, and referral partners make readily available about themselves; the actual communication generated from your social networking sites shares some of the same non-personal flees as email. It is so easy, so cheap, and sometimes so automated that recipients of your communication just donít give it too much thought; that is one of dozens (if not hundreds) of pieces of communications they will receive in this manner that day. Donít get me wrong, Web 2.0, social networking, and email drip campaigns should be very important tools in your marketing mix; but what I am saying is that sometimes 1.0 is better.

Social Media Revealed

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Is Social Media a fad; or is it the biggest paradigm shifty since the industrial revolution?

Microsoft Excel Series: Installment #2: Separating First and Last Name Into Separate Fields

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How to separate a whole name stored in a single column in Excel into a first name column and last name column.

Real Estate is Local, So Is Google

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Real Estate is Local – So Is Google. See how you can use Google Local Business Center to help your local prospects and clients find you more easily.

Why Survey Your Borrowers After Closing?

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If you don’t survey your clients after every closing, the same thing has probably happened to you at some point. It’s critical to elicit feedback from your clients – whether positive or negative.

Another Web 2.0 Strategy: Tweet Grid

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How to use TweetGrid to search for prospects in real time!

The Proper Way To Add A Hyperlinked Picture To Your Outlook Email Signature

June 22, 2009 by · 3 Comments

This brief video will walk you through, soup to nuts, the best way (at least the best way in my humble opinion, feel free to chime in if you have any better ways of doing this) to embed a hyperlinked image into your Outlook Email signature. It seems silly that something that appears so trivial […]

Plain Text is Boring

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Face it, plain old text blog posts are boring. You need a picture or two to spice it up a little bit and give it some color. But finding the right image can be hard. Image searches can be difficult first and foremost because most of the time you don’t know exactly what you are […]

Postal Rate Increase – Again

May 11, 2009 by · Leave a Comment

First Class Stamps went up another $.02 to $.44 effective today.† This is of course not great news for companies like Top of Mind Networks that send a few pieces of mail here and there.† The good news to our clients is that for this increase (as well as last 3 consecutive postage rate increases) […]

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