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Top of Mind's Tournament Challenge is Back

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Click to Enter!

In all its glory, we’ve brought back the Top of Mind NCAA Tournament Challenge.  It’s free to enter.

All you have to do is enter the challenge before the first games begin.  Bring your smack talk and let’s have some fun.  The winner gets a free 100 piece mailing to their database.

Big News – NAMB Reduces Membership Dues

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If you are a third party mortgage originator, appraiser, title agent or other vendor to the mortgage industry, there has never been a more critical time to get involved in the discussion.  Case in point, take 2 minutes to read what Senator Merkley (D-OR) and a few of this buddies in the Senate think about loan originators:

Why Stop With the Bath Water When You Can Throw Out the Baby At No Additional Charge?

Here’s the big news:  NAMB is getting ready to officially announce major reductions on annual dues:

Professional Member (ie:  mortgage broker/owner) – $120

Affiliate Member – $95

Associate/Loan Officer – $50

These are the prices that your local state affiliate will add on top of their annual dues.  So, for example, if the Georgia Association of Mortgage Brokers charges $150 for a “Professional” annual membership, you’d add the $120 above and it would cost only $270 to belong to both GAMB and NAMB.  By the way, Georgia originators, GA Senate Bill 57 is still out there and it needs to be addressed.  GAMB is leading that charge.

If the cost of membership used to be your stumbling block, NAMB’s effectively eliminated this for you.  We need to come together NOW – not for ourselves, but for the interests of consumers.  If you’d like to join, please shoot me an email or leave a comment and I’ll make sure you get the VIP treatment.

I’d like to thank Jim Pair and Roy Deloach for listening to the people and doing what needed to be done.  It’s a whole new ball game.

NAMB Webinar – The Future of YSP and Originator Compensation – Tuesday @ 3pm EST

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During our State of the Union Webinar on Oct. 1st, we received hundreds of questions about the future of YSP.  Please join us on Tuesday @ 3pm EST, 12noon PST for a live Webinar dedicated to answering your questions on that topic.

Register Now

Your Panelists:

Jim Pair, Current President of NAMB
Roy DeLoach, Chief Executive Officer of NAMB
Denise Leonard, Executive Director of Massachusetts Mortgage Assoc.
Yours truly and Mark Madsen will moderate the discussion on the call and on the web.

Critical Note:  Response to our State of the Union was overwhelming and not everyone could participate online.  Please read below for critical details on how we’ll accommodate EVERYONE for this webinar:

1)  The webinar room can hold 1,000 attendees – and it’s the first 1,000 who log into the live session (not the first 1,000 who register).
2)  If you do not get onto the web portion – you can still call in and participate on the live conference call.
3)  We will once again have a live backnoise/chat room and will moderate your comments and questions.  This will be a very interactive webinar.  Please be sure to send us your questions when registering for the webinar.

Top of Mind Networks – Around the Web

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Mark Green Interviewed For Piece On
Mark was recently interviewed for an article on about the value of joining industry associations. Click above to read how Mark describes putting a lot of time and effort into building relationships within his associations and really trying to make a difference in the industry.

David Orsini’s Article Featured In National Mortgage Professional Magazine
This is a bit of a stretch since it isn’t online, but yours truly was featured in the September 2009 issue of National Mortgage Professional Magazine. (Online version is here).

Top of Mind Networks Featured REALTOR Magazine’s 2009 Buyers Guide
Top of Mind Networks’ closing gift, the Address Stamper, was a featured closing gift on the Closing Gift Buyer’s Guide in the Top Closing Gifts for $50 and Under section. We easily made the price threshold at only $10! There were no gifts in this section for less than that!

Mark Green NAMB State Of The Union With Jim Pair
As most everyone already knows, Mark moderated an emergency State of the Union webinar with Jim Pair regarding impending legislation that will affect all originators, bankers and brokers alike.

Did You Know - Top of Mind Networks Leadership as Contributing Authors on High Profile Industry Blogs
Did you know that Mark Green and David Orsini have been consistent contributing authors on the following industry blogs?

Other Places To Find Top of Mind Networks

A True Story: The $8000 Tax Credit in Action – Cashable Action!

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Watch the Fox 35 Video here. Fox_35

Andrea Tlumacki was one of the people not afraid to take the plunge… and she has been rewarded for it!  With the deadline of the $8000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit approaching – it is urgent to develop a plan of execution. Most people are focused on the restriction of closing before the expiration of Nov. 30th.  Fair enough… but many are not building a time line in order to establish milestones that one needs to meet if they desire to witness the delivery of an $8000 Treasury check. This is done by finding the advice of both a rock-solid Realtor and a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist.

Andrea Tlumacki did. Expert real estate advice from J. Robert Brown – owner of Prefer 1 Real Estate – proved priceless. Not only was she able to nail down a low mortgage  rate of 4.500%, but received unparalleled direction from Robert Brown’s corporate-world experience to get a purchase price that would make an investor envious. In her interview with Andrea, Tracy Jacim states, “time is running out,” and the time to delay is over.

Many of us are familiar with Student Syndrome – but the need to:

…has a time line of about a week. Sure, things can be closed a somewhat faster in the proper circumstances, but as volume elevates in the weeks ahead for lenders, the length of time it takes to actually close will be increase.

In other words… it is important to engage in the Orlando Real Estate process quickly if you hope to benefit from the First-time Home Buyer Tax Credit before it expires.

Emergency "State of the Union" Interview with NAMB President Jim Pair

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 Do any of these issues resonate with you?

Jim Pair

Jim Pair

  1. YSP is going away come January 2010 – or isn’t it?

  2. FHA lending will become more accessible for third party originators – or won’t it?

  3. Congress is seriously considering an 18-month moratorium on HVCC – or aren’t they?

Our industry is facing huge challenges and NAMB President Jim Pair wants to hear from YOU – so YOU can be heard on Capitol Hill.   I am honored to host a live State of the Union interview with  Jim Pair this Thursday October 1st at 12pm EST, 9am PST.


Please send us your questions when registering for the webinar.  We’ll try to answer each and every one of them, if not during our live session, with a personal email response afterward.



Oh Baby! Welcome to the World Morgan Reames!

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The Top of Mind family is extremely proud to announce a new addition!  Morgan Reames was born, happy and healthy, early this past Saturday morning.  She’s the daughter of proud mommy and daddy Maggie and Mitch Reames.

Announcing Morgan Reames

How Cute Is Morgan Reames?

For those of you who know Maggie and Mitch, they’re the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  Please share in our best wishes for the Reames family!

Top of Mind Announcement: We're Building a New Customer Acquisition Direct Mail Division

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Happy Monday everyone.

I read a recent thread on the Loan Tool Box forum that really disturbed me.  An Atlanta-based broker was looking for a firm specializing in direct mail marketing.  I actually replied to that thread to learn more about what this fellow wanted in his vendor.  This was about 6 months ago, I’m guessing.

Last week, this same mortgage broker posted about a nightmarish experience with the vendor he’d selected.  I won’t go into details here, but suffice it to say – he got ripped off.  I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s a lot of that going on in the direct mail space.  It’s a shame.  So we figure there’s an opportunity for a trusted vendor to fill a need…

Therefore, I’d like to formally announce that we are building a Customer Acquisition Direct Mail division at Top of Mind Networks.  Our objective will be to redefine the space through:

1)  Honesty:  Your direct mail vendor ought to supply you with proof that the job went out  on time and with 100% accuracy.  You ought to know who received the direct mail piece.  These are “givens” that most vendors seem to screw up with alarming consistency.

2)  Transparency:  There’s an earned distrust in the land of direct mail vendors, so we’ll set out to change that by showing our clients what the campaign costs, how much we’re marking it up, etc.  No, we don’t plan to work for free.  But we’re not afraid to show our clients the components of a successful direct mail campaign – and how we’re earning our keep.  That’s a pretty novel idea for this business – and who better to step up and implement than Top of Mind?

3)  Training:  We’re known in the mortgage business as a turn-key operation.  In other words, our clients entrust us to execute without fail while they’re focusing on the core business of helping borrowers.  We’ll bring that same methodology to our direct marketing division.  Perhaps as important:  we’ll train our clients on best practices to ensure they’re turning inquiries into applications – and closed loans.

Is your firm using direct mail to generate mortgage leads?  If so, I’d love to interview you so I can learn how best to serve our clients in this new space.  Would you please call me at 404-943-9910?

Also, if you’ve been thinking of testing direct mail for customer acquisition purposes, don’t hesitate to give me a shout.  We’re committed to bringing our clients an honest service at a fair price.

Quite frankly, we’re pretty excited about it too.

New Podcast by Tim Davis!

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origmkcoahI just started a new free podcast for Today’s Loan Originator called The Originators Guide. Here is today’s episode and notes. Enjoy and go make a sale!

Setting proper expectations in today’s market

  1. You have to accept the current market
    1. It is what it is. Stop living in the past.
    2. Some will some won’t so what
  2. You have to be knowlegable about the current market, this builds your confidence
    1. This requires study from trusted sources
  3. You have to communicate clearly, politely, and with authority
    1. I like phone communication followed up with a written documents, then seared in with video
    2. Do Not talk industry language with clients. They will nod but they do not understand!
    3. Remember facts tell but stories sell. Use stories to illustrate your point!
    4. You MUST get EVERYONE’S buy in. the agents, the buyers and the sellers!
  4. Make sure you UNDERPROMISE and OVERDELIVER!
    1. This is no time for short rate locks to gain an extra 25
    2. Watch your good faith estimates!
    3. When you know that issues can come up build that into the time!
  5. You have to establish a frequent communication system
    1. You better be calling them long before they call you!

Mortgage Revolution Video

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As I write this post, there’s a grass roots movement taking place in the mortgage industry. The 2009 Super Bowl of all things mortgage is quietly under construction.  It’s a revolution and in fact, it’s ”The Mortgage Revolution”.  A group of 14, incited to action by the vision of Mark Green, diverse, able, motivated, desirous of change and just inquisitive enough to ask each other the quintessential question of the season:  “Can mortgage professionals take their industry back?”.

Well, we intend to find out the answer from Nov. 9 through 11 at the Galleria Centre in Atlanta, Georgia.  The website will go live this coming week but in the meantime… enjoy the video glimpse to whet the appetite:

Interested? Want to help the cause and take up your modern day arms to fight back? Please visit Chris Brown’s Recruitment office to type in your John Hancock.

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