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The Confidence Factor Part 2

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This is the second video on my series on Confidence. If you are a loan originator in today’s market then you MUST be getting referrals from the very best agents. Great business partners equal great referrals, everytime.

The area that loan officers struggle with is building enough confidence to call on the best referral partners. See what I have to say about vision in your sales call and how it will increase your confidence!

Webinar Replay – Brian Brady Training on LinkedIn and MeetUp

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First off, I’d like to thank Brian Brady again for sharing his social networking skills with us.  For those of you who missed my Facebook Webinar with Brian, it’s pretty awesome stuff.

Below, I’ve posted a replay of our Webinar focusing on LinkedIn with a few nuggets on another budding social network called MeetUp.  The Webinar begins somewhat abruptly because GoToWebinar seemed to have a slight delay when I hit the “record” button.  No big whoop, you’ll still get the goods from Brian.

Here’s the epiphany folks – Brian uses social networking as the means to an end.  The power is not in your connections – it’s in your connections’ connections.  Using Brian’s techniques, there’s no more cold calling – only warm introductions via people who already know and like you.

If you like what you’re learning here, stay tuned.  Our next two Webinars will feature Mark Madsen and Dan Green as they teach us “Blogging 101”.  Mark your calendar for Friday(s) 4/3 and 4/10 at 1pm EST (10am PST) – details will posted on the Top of Mind Blog soon.

What Does a Mouthful of Skittles Have to do with Selling?

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skittlesWell, I’m going to confess right off the bat. When I first tuned into the Executive Producer of Think Big Work Small, Stefan Lubinski’s presentation on Video Marketing at the Real Estate Cyber Convention, and for the first few minutes of his webcam-recorded lesson, he unabashedly chewed and smacked on a mouthful of Skittles, I thought, ‘What the hell is this guy doing?’ Actually, I believe I said it out loud, right at him, through my laptop, “What in the HELL are you doing?”

 I was part grossed out, part amused, part intrigued and then it hit me…he’s got me just where he wants me-continuing to watch, writing notes and shaking my head agreeably to every word he casually stumbled through from then on! It was a brilliant display of virtually, “walking one’s talk.”

Now, I can’t say that everyone who watched his presentation would have had my same response, but that was precisely his point about effectively using video-show your flaws, be yourself and act naturally, and you undoubtedly will connect with MORE of the people who WILL do business with you, with whom you will MOST enjoy doing business with.

However, one thing I believe Stefan did not touch upon that will make all of the difference in whether you actually implement video as a marketing tool in your business or not, is if you are comfortable in your own skin. You’ve got to like you, in order to confidently munch Skittles, sip Coke, toss your script out the window and still impart useful, interesting and valuable information in front of a camera.confession

Sometimes, you’ve got to share your own bloops and blunders…

My second confession is that I have made the exact mistake of recording, what Stefan referred to during the what-not-to-do portion of his presentation as, “newscaster-type” videos. Check it out! Victoria Del Frate on Sales Goals

Did I hit on the questions that one needs to consider when writing their Sales goals for the year? Yes. Did I share my true nature so that I could increase my odds of connecting with the “right” clients for me who could use my business plan? Nope. But, that’s ok, I can apply what I’ve learned and try, try again and so can YOU.

Here are some questions that can help you to uncover “the natural you” when sitting in front of your newly purchased or recently, dusted-off webcam, for the first time:

Think about the compliments that you have recently received from repeat customers, family and friends. What words do they use to describe you? What one word seems to be used most frequently?

Consider the vlogs or vmails that you have received. Who do you connect to? What is this person exhibiting that you are attracted to or identify with?

Next time you find yourself sitting across from a long-time client, try being more conscious in the moment. What is the dialogue like? How are you interacting with this person? What is engaging about this conversation to you?

What do you feel passionate about or have strong opinions about, in your industry?

So does video work? Well, I have to be honest here. I can’t say that I would have been just as compelled to write this blog if I had simply read Stefan Lubinski’s video marketing tips. Don’t get me wrong, the info was great and there was a lot more that he shared, that I’m sure you can glean from his website, that I’m more than happy to promote here, which increases his traffic and opportunities and sales…am I making my point?

I always did love Skittles. Stefan-big props to you dawg! Hmm, does a female, around-the-corner- from-forty, successful, Mortgage and Real Estate Business Coach, say such things? This one does!…Coming soon to a vlog near you.

The Confidence Factor – Part One

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Selling is a lot easier when you’re not focused on “making the sale”. Here’s a brief video clip about what I call “The Confidence Factor”. Enjoy!

Webinar Replay: Brian Brady on Facebook and Social Networking

February 24, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

Wow.  I’ll echo what you’ve all been telling me since Friday.

Brian Brady is “the man”.  Talk about a guy willing to give while asking for nothing in return?  For the 190 of you who attended the live webinar, thank you for your participation and glowing feedback.  For those who were unable to attend the live session, here is the replay:

My editorial comments:

1)  The first 10 minutes set the foundation for the other 40.  I think it’s important to hear what Brian has to say regarding the foundation of Social Media.  If you’re just looking for the meat w/o the potatoes, scroll forward a bit.

2)  Brian has a goal to meet 5 new people a day.  That’s 25+ new people per week and over 100 per month.  There is absolutely nothing 2.0 about that, it’s good old fashioned salesmanship.

3)  Brian does not depend on the internet to do all his work for him. Facebook is the means to an end.  It provides him the opportunity to make a warm call vs. a cold one.  Once the connection is made, Brian drips on his database via Top of Mind Networks’ Surefire System.  But the telephone is his primary weapon – as it should be.

4)  I am attending Unchained Phoenix and am paying full price for my education.  In other words, there’s no good buddy discount at work here and I’m going because I want to take my business to the next level.  There are only 75 total seats available – that’s it (minus mine, so make that 74).  If you thought this 45 minute webinar was compelling, try immersing yourself in this stuff for 2 straight days.  Think you’ll be able to blow away a realtor with this knowledge?  You bet your sweet bippy you will.

5)  We’ll be putting on another webinar very soon so keep an eye on this blog and Bloodhound Blog for details.  If you like what you’re learning, please tell a friend.  If you have any questions you’d like me to ask Brian during our next webinar, drop a comment onto this blog post and you’ll be in the mix.

"Negativity ROCKS!"

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My Saturday a.m.:  cup o’ java, bowl o’ oatmeal, and a 30-minute Inman Connect NYC keynote by a guy named Gary Vaynerchuk.  Never heard of him?  That makes two of us.

Invest ˝ hour in yourself and watch the video at Blown Mortgage posted by Morgan Brown.  Find out why Gary loves seeing negativity in the marketplace.  You don’t need me to type 1,000 words, just watch the video.  (Bear with the bumpiness in the first minute or so.)

Here’s my perspective and a quick takeaway:

70% of loan originators wimped out over the past 18 months.
Top of Mind client Scott Evans closed 43 loans in December – by himself.

Did you send our Rate Lock – Action Plan letter to your database?

Have you put each and every past client into our Surefire System?

If the answer is “no”, I’m guessing you didn’t close 43 loans in December.

Fear and negativity is your friend, people. Let it consume your competitors.  If it gets the best of you – shame on YOU!!!

Execute without fail.

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