Top of Mind Networks

Database Management

Top of Mind Networks’ Surefire System puts your database on auto-pilot. Not only is your postal mail marketing and email marketing on auto-pilot, but we also mine your database for new sales opportunities automatically. A sizable portion of your database will either be in the market to refinance or move each year. The Surefire System not only keeps you in touch with your past client database, but also allows you to identify that subset of your database that is back in the market. See below for a list of Opportunity Alerts we will enable for your database.

Surefire Opportunity Alerts

Purchase Alerts

our “Just Listed” opportunities alert you when we match any of the contacts in your database with a listing we find online
Refinance Alerts you are notified each day when we identify contacts in your database who could lower their rate by a predetermined percentage based on the national average mortgage rate
Credit Pull Alerts we monitor your database for contacts who have applied for mortgage credit, these alerts are reported to us daily by one of the three major repositories
Target Rate Alerts you can set a “Target Rate” for any contact in your database, and once that rate is available for the selected loan program you are notified