Top of Mind Networks

Home of the “Surefire System”

We have built a web based marketing and CRM platform that is powerful, scalable, secure and flexible enough for large firms… yet simple and intuitive enough for even “technophobes” to successfully implement.  Here are just a few Surefire features we’re especially proud of:

Automated Marketing with a Personal Touch

We at Top of Mind like to think of ourselves as an “elbow grease” company.  In other words, we actually implement turn-key campaigns to help mortgage professionals deepen their relationships with clients, prospects, and referral sources.  At the same time, we refuse to settle on a “one size fits all” solution – because quite frankly there is no one-size-fits-all borrower.  Our campaigns perform – period – because of our fanatical devotion to marketing innovation.

“One-To-One” Email Marketing

Surefire allows mortgage professionals to administer highly personalized email marketing campaigns with suprising ease.  Once implemented, Surefire’s sophisticated reporting features allow clients to track results and further hone in on “engaged” consumers.  At Top of Mind, our key to email marketing success is our ability to ensure the right message is being delivered to the right contact at the right time.

A Unique Approach to Post Close Marketing

Most of what we do at Top of Mind revolves around one critical metric:  Lifetime Value.  In other words, our mission is to help mortgage professionals realize the true Lifetime Value from each of its valued clients.  In that spirit, our “Post Close Follow Up Program” keeps mortgage professionals top of mind with their borrowers long after the transaction has closed and funded.  The direct result:  dramatic increases in repeat and referral business.

Prospecting and Database Mining Features

Once our clients successfully automate client retention marketing, we shift focus onto leveraging the system to generate new prospects.  In this spirit, Surefire can be customized to identify potential lending opportunities such as rate reductions, new home listings, and mortgage credit pulls.  These techniques happen behind the scenes while originators focus on growing and managing their lending pipeline.  Ongoing training and support is provided free-of-charge by Top of Mind implementation specialists.

Database Management Features

Surefire’s web-based platform allows clients to manage their entire database:  prospects, clients, referral partners, and even personal contacts.  Originators can set reminders, schedule phone calls, take notes under each contact as a conversation log, and track the last time each contact was “touched” by a Surefire’s marketing campaign.   For enterprise level clients, Top of Mind also offers an “API” integration that synchronizes with your systems and eliminates “duplicate data entry”.