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Contact Management

A Mortgage CRM is a system that originators can use to manage their day-to-day marketing objectives and manage their database of contacts. The Top of Mind Surefire System enables an abundance of automated marketing features as well as tools you can use yourself for more advanced database mining and marketing. And the CRM portion of Surefire allows for an online interface for originators to manage their day-to-day, all at desktop speeds of course!

Surefire CRM Features
Conversation Log Surefire users can leave notes on each contact after they have a conversation with them, that way when it comes time to call them again you know what the last thing you spoke to them about was
Reminders and Tasks you can schedule meetings or phone calls with your clients from right within Surefire, and each morning you will receive an email with all of that day’s tasks outlined for you – who you need to call and when
Groups you can manually segment your database into static groups so that you can ensure you are sending relevant marketing materials to the proper people in your database
Dynamic Groups within Surefire, you can set it up so your database segments itself you can create dynamic groups based on data filters and your contacts will automatically move in and out of those groups based on the data stored in their contact record
Contact Types you can also segment your database by type of contact: referral partner, client, prospect, personal, etc
Loan Tracking as a mortgage specific CRM, each contact in your database can have one or multiple loans, so if you have one client with nine investment properties you don’t have to worry about inadvertently sending the same person nine different emails
Instant Comp Analysis this is a fun tool where you can generate a map and table of all homes around your contacts house that are either currently for sale or have recently sold, and then have it sent via email in a nice HTML format
Email Blast you can even manually send your own email blasts, using our HTML email editor you can draft your own emails and send them to whatever group or contact type in your database that you like
Marketing Activity under each contact record you can view what marketing correspondences (postal and email) they have received and when
Marketing Campaigns you can create your own custom campaigns (activity series’) within Surefire and assign them to contacts in your database