Top of Mind Networks

Custom Campaigns

The Surefire System allows our users to choose from a variety of existing campaigns and marketing templates in our Surefire Library as well as create your own from scratch. You can setup custom drip email campaigns, postal campaigns to send to hot prospects, or a combination of email and snail mail. A campaign is a predetermined schedule of events (emails, letters, card, phone calls, etc) that utilize various marketing templates and can be scheduled on any contact in your database.


Our Library comes prepopulated with existing Surefire content. This content includes email templates, greeting card templates, letter templates, and pre-made campaigns for you to use out of the box. Some of this marketing material was designed by us and has been tried and true since 2003 (via our 24 Touch postal campaign), while other content is newer and has been written by some of the sharpest originators in the business today. All of this content is available to you as a Surefire user. To make it easy for you to show off your campaigns to your referral partners and even potential originator recruits, each campaign in Surefire can dynamically generate a printable PDF handbook (warning: file is about 2MB, so it may take a minute to download).


Each template in our library can be customized. So if you pull up the existing Thank You card that is part of our 24 Touch campaign and want to change the verbiage to make it more your own, you are free to do so. You can even create your own greeting cards by selecting a card cover from our greeting card gallery and then writing your own content. You can also modify things such as your email signature and the ad image on top of the Address Stamper.

Compliance and Control

Account administrators can limit some of this functionality to create an environment more conducive for maintaining compliance and marketing consistency. You can decide if you want your originators to have full access to our Surefire library, or only access to templates that you have created. You can also set whether or not you want your originators modifying things such as template verbiage, marketing campaigns, email signatures, or even personal profiles and license information. You can even set it so that any modifications they do make have to be approved by you before they go into effect. There is also an account-wide licensing block that goes on everything we send out for your entire company so you can be assured all marketing collateral meets your licensing requirements.