Top of Mind Networks

Custom Surveys

The Surefire System allows you to create custom digital surveys that can be delivered via email. Each survey link is a PURL (personalized URL) based on the person you send the survey to, so they will receive a personalized welcome message such as “Thank you David for taking the time to fill out my survey” as part of the survey experience. Custom surveys can be added to email templates, which can then be added to campaigns; so incorporating these surveys into all of your other Surefire marketing activities is a breeze. Once your client/prospect fills out the survey the results are emailed to you and also stored in your Surefire database for future reference. And each survey PURL has logic built in to prevent the same contact from filling out the same survey more than once.

You can create your own surveys and Surefire also comes prepopulated with some pre-built Surefire surveys. Surveys can be comprised of various types of questions ranging from yes/no, radio buttons, multiple choice check boxes, normal text entry, paragraph text entry (ideal for asking for a testimonial), numeric values, dates, and our unique star matrix rating system. You can also customize the personalized message the contact sees at the beginning and end of the survey, and even select a color scheme for the survey page.