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Email Marketing

Top of Mind Networks has been in the one-to-one marketing business since 2003 and didn’t venture into Email Marketing until 2008. We waited this long because we didn’t want to do email until we could do it the right way.


The problem with most Email Marketing Solutions out there is that the content is canned and generic and offers no real benefit to the recipient. Eventually, your clients will get sick of getting useless emails and will begin marking you as SPAM or opting out of your list.


We have taken a different approach to email. First and foremost all of our emails are sent from your email address and are Customized with your logo and photo. So it looks like you sent a One-To-One, personal email to your contact. Secondly, we are not sending out news about the new mortgage legislation in the works in congress or grandma’s meatloaf recipe or anything else that really does no good for a borrower to read. We have 3 standard email campaigns that come as a part of our Surefire System:

Surefire Email Campaigns
Quarterly Neighborhood Activity Report
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This email goes to each contact in your database once a quarter displaying a partial list of homes that are either for sale or have recently sold within a 1/4 square mile radius around their home. Our homes are the largest investments most of us will ever make in our lives, so wouldn’t we want to keep regular tabs on the market value of that investment? This campaign gives your client a quick snap-shot of how property values in their market are doing.
Quarterly Mortgage Checkup
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This Mortgage Checkup is also an email that goes to each borrower in your database once a quarter and uses a stop light grading system to analyze your client’s current loan situation. Based on current rates if you can save them money off their monthly payment then a green light is awarded. If they are likely in a good program and you may only be able to save them a few bucks then they get a yellow light. And if you cannot save them money then a red light is awarded. Green lights are an obvious call to action for you to make a sale, but red lights are equally as powerful because that says to the borrower that you did your job well the first time and put them in the best loan program for them.
Beyond the Media National Home Values
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Especially in today’s market, the Case-Shiller index can be a very one-sided index to illustrate how home values are changing in our country. It only takes into consideration purchase transactions and it is limited to the major metropolitan areas that saw the most growth during the housing boom (so logically they also experience the most bust as well). To help ease your clients’ tensions, we will send a different quarterly analysis to your database using the OFHEO housing index. This index takes into consideration every single mortgage transaction done including transactions outside of those major metro areas and refinance transactions as well. This paints a slightly prettier as well as more accurate picture of today’s housing market and positions you as the source your contact database turns to for advice and information on the subject rather than relying on the news.