Top of Mind Networks

Marketing to Realtors

The Surefire System has multiple unique ways for you to market to your agents to gain more referrals.

Email Marketing

Your Surefire database is segmented based on the type of contact. All of your referral partners will be automatically segmented for you so that you can use our email blast functionality to send relevant information to them whenever you want.

Agent Co-Branding

Property Listing Websites

Another benefit you can add to your agent partners is to help list and promote their listings for them. Our Lenderama website solution allows you to create unlimited individual property websites that can brand both you and the listing agent.

Presentation Book

All of the above benefits are outlined in our Realtor Presentation Book that each new Surefire user gets free of charge. Not only do we provide you with the printable PDF; but we also print, construct, and ship you a professional bound, full bleed book to carry around with you in the field. This way you have something tangible to show the agents you meet with instead of just pitching that you offer great service and great rates (which is the same thing every other LO in town is telling them). Warning, the clickable sample to the right is about 4MB so it may take some time to download completely.