Top of Mind Networks

Postal Mail Marketing

Our “24 Touch” Postal Mail Follow Up Program is implemented turn-key and keeps mortgage professionals Top of Mind with their valued clients for 5 full years after closing! Our print mail solution also utilizes the latest in Variable Image Printing (VIP) technology to make your greeting cards truly unique and stand out from the rest.


All correspondences are personalized with the originator’s photo, logo, and original signature.  Top of Mind uses ONLY first class postage; we never use bulk mail or take any other shortcuts!  So it really looks and feels like the originator sat down and took the time to write their valued client a one-to-one letter or greeting card. Our level of personalization does not stop there though.  We’ve also raised the bar with our creative application of Variable Image Printing technology.


All of our letters and cards are also fully customizable to fit our clients’ needs.  Originators have the control to edit verbiage and/or campaign scheduling.  These changes only need to be made one-time up front.  Then it is truly Set It And Forget It Marketing.


Most “24 Touch” correspondences can be co-branded with referral partners such as Realtors, CPAs, and Financial Planners.