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"I'll Hold Myself Accountable" – The Beginning of the End.

June 23, 2009 by · 5 Comments

We have all said it, and for short snippets of time, we may have even done it.  My question – how’s  that workin’ for ya now!?  Don’t get me wrong – I don’t even have this nailed down myself.  In fact – disclaimer here – this post… yeah, I am writing for me.  If the reader […]

Hey, Lets go Hang Out with Some Homeless People!

May 27, 2009 by · Leave a Comment

I recently added a new coaching client.  I sent him my Top 10 Goals form even though I actually believe that goals suck. Anyway, one of his goals was to add x number of A Realtors, x number of B Realtors, and x number of C Realtors to his database for business. What the hell […]

I Just Got a Lead from YOUR Referral Partner

May 26, 2009 by · Leave a Comment

Ever lose a deal to a competitor? We all have. It is part of being in business. You win some, you lose some…BUT, you have to ask yourself WHY did I lose this deal? For most loan officers it is because the RELATIONSHIP was never really a TRUE RELATIONSHIP at all, you just thought you […]

You Must Be This Tall to Ride This Ride…

May 18, 2009 by · Leave a Comment

If the mortgage business was an airplane ride, then we would all have to have our seat belts securely fastened, and our trays in an up right and locked position. The turbulence would probably be cause to land at the nearest air port, hopefully in one piece.  This market can have the ability to paralyze […]

Stips from Hell and Other Things to Make You Cringe

May 14, 2009 by · Leave a Comment

I bectcha have never heard this one before is probably the most common saying among loan officers today.At this point though, nothing should really surprise us. Watch this… There is really no way you can out guess, out manuver, or lock long enough to avoid the crisis…or can you? Today’s market is not about rate […]