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Mortgage Blogging 101 Presentation From MRev SF

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I just got back from Mortgage Revolution SF, where Naomi Trower and I gave a presentation on Social Media and Blogging Basics. Since Top of Mind Networks and I are in the process of building a comprehensive Mortgage Blogging Tutorial Page on, I thought I’d share the Slide Show from MRev. We’ll actually breeze […]

NAMB West Presentation Follow Up – Partnering With Social Media Savvy Agents

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I had the honor of representing mortgage bloggers at the recent NAMBWest Conference in Las Vegas a few weeks ago in front of 200 or so mortgage brokers with my friend Jason Berman. Unfortunately, Mark Green wasn’t able to make the trip to Vegas and share the stage with us due to an injury he […]

Why I've Committed to Mortgage Blogging

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Okay, so my buddy Mark Madsen has been an avid mortgage blogger for the better part of three years.  For two of those years, I’d get a weekly phone call or email saying “Dude, you’ve gotta get on board”.  And for two years I resisted.  It just seemed like a waste of time.  But finally […]

Social Media Revealed

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Is Social Media a fad; or is it the biggest paradigm shifty since the industrial revolution?

Replay: Mortgage Blogging – What's In It For Me?

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If you’re on the fence about mortgage blogging, the following video will help answer the question:  What’s In It For Me?  We focused on “Googleability”.  In other words: 1)  Are you being found online?  Trust me, your referral sources and prospects are checking you out via Google before they decide to do business with you. 2)  […]

Mortgage Blogging 101 – Webinar Replay

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Thanks again to Mark Madsen and Dan Green for sharing their blogging expertise with us.  These guys are at the top of their game.  During this one-hour webinar, Mark and Dan explain why blogging is such a powerful way to: Enhance your credibility in the eyes of clients and referral sources Become more “Google-able” Complement your […]

Webinar – Where's the ROI in Mortgage Blogging?

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Most mortgage pro’s are skeptical about blogging.  It looks like a waste of time on the surface. Here’s the straight dope folks – it’s a completely new world and you’re either ahead of the curve or you’re being left in the dust. Mortgage prospects are doing their homework online. You need to be found. More […]

A Quick Lesson In Google-Ability

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About 15 minutes ago I posted an article at Bloodhound Blog.  It was an introspective look back at my former boss at, Chaz Berman. Just for fun, I just did a Google Search for Chaz Berman.  And here’s the result (sorry for the poor reproduction quality).  My blog entry ranks #7 on Chaz Berman 15 minutes […]