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Big News – NAMB Reduces Membership Dues

January 27, 2010 by · Leave a Comment

If you are a third party mortgage originator, appraiser, title agent or other vendor to the mortgage industry, there has never been a more critical time to get involved in the discussion.  Case in point, take 2 minutes to read what Senator Merkley (D-OR) and a few of this buddies in the Senate think about […]

NAMB Webinar – The Future of YSP and Originator Compensation – Tuesday @ 3pm EST

October 23, 2009 by · 1 Comment

During our State of the Union Webinar on Oct. 1st, we received hundreds of questions about the future of YSP.  Please join us on Tuesday @ 3pm EST, 12noon PST for a live Webinar dedicated to answering your questions on that topic. Your Panelists: Jim Pair, Current President of NAMB Roy DeLoach, Chief Executive Officer […]

Emergency "State of the Union" Interview with NAMB President Jim Pair

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 Do any of these issues resonate with you? YSP is going away come January 2010 – or isn’t it? FHA lending will become more accessible for third party originators – or won’t it? Congress is seriously considering an 18-month moratorium on HVCC – or aren’t they? Our industry is facing huge challenges and NAMB President […]

HVCC Podcast with NAMB President Marc Savitt

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Mortgage originators everywhere are up in arms about HVCC, and for good reason.  A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article at Lenderama about how NAMB President Marc Savitt has been fighting the good fight. The next two entries I’m making here at the Top of Mind Blog will focus on educating not only mortgage/real […]

It's Time to Really Fight HVCC – Please Pick Up the Phone Right Now

June 9, 2009 by · Leave a Comment

NAMB published a critical call to action today in regards to HVCC.  It’s time for your voice to be heard. Please read the full overview of action items NAMB is asking from you TODAY. You can also visit the NAMB HVCC Resource Center.  We all need to chip in to overturn HVCC – it’s bad […]

Transparent Brokerage Fees Are An Elephant Slayer

June 7, 2009 by · Leave a Comment

Transparency in mortgage brokerage is a concept that is well underway.  Mortgage brokers have always been required to disclose both borrower-paid and lender-paid compensation, on the good-faith-estimate and HUD-1 settlement statement, but rarely used disclosure as a selling feature to customers.  Regulators are going to require a negotiated flat-fee agreement and wholesale lenders are proactively […]

Help Me Help NAMB Help You

June 4, 2009 by · Leave a Comment

Confused by the headline of this article? I wrote an article on Lenderama this morning.  Please take a moment to read now: An Unofficial NAMB Regulatory Update on HVCC – Oh, And A Call To Action For All Of Us NAMB Bashers. In this article, I’m trying to show NAMB President Marc Savitt that if […]

Leading a horse to water and the politics of thirst in the desert

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The environment within the mortgage and finance industry has improved “a bit” the last month or two, but don’t allow this to change your view on whether the thirst for regulation and enforcement has slackened in the minds of the public, especially since mortgage late payments and mortgage defaults are expected to continue to rise in the next 12 months. The mortgage broker is still in the desert and they can still be sacrificed for the “greater good” on the way to economic recovery.

Does your mortgage association wield political clout or inspire political doubt?

February 18, 2009 by · 5 Comments

Mortgage Brokers … your state and national associations are the only advocates you have right now against a tidal wave of opposition. Without GAMB (or state equivalent) and NAMB, you are alone and you will be swept away by the coming tsunami. You must vigorously and rigorously get involved, right now, if you want to continue to survive in this industry.