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Top of Mind Networks – Around the Web

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Top of Mind Networks – Around the Web

Mortgage Revolution Video

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As I write this post, there’s a grass roots movement taking place in the mortgage industry. The 2009 Super Bowl of all things mortgage is quietly under construction.  It’s a revolution and in fact, it’s ”The Mortgage Revolution”.  A group of 14, incited to action by the vision of Mark Green, diverse, able, motivated, desirous of change and just inquisitive enough to ask each […]

Postal Rate Increase – Again

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First Class Stamps went up another $.02 to $.44 effective today.  This is of course not great news for companies like Top of Mind Networks that send a few pieces of mail here and there.  The good news to our clients is that for this increase (as well as last 3 consecutive postage rate increases) […]

What the Heck is CRM Anyway?

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Nowadays, people throw the “CRM” acronym around in extremely general terms.  That’s good news, because it means mortgage professionals are beginning to realize how critical a function CRM is.  This article intends to differentiate between CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and what we at Top of Mind call “Contact Management”. What is CRM? I think Wikipedia […]

A Mortgage CRM Tip from the Deep South

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I have a good buddy that lives in LA. Lower Alabama, that is.  Yeah, he’s a good ole’ boy we call Bubba Blankenship. Bubba’s always quick with a joke. One time he and his family were looking at homes. I asked what was most important to him. He said there were two attributes he wanted […]

Perspective, Purpose and Eggs Benedict

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I’d like to shout out a huge THANK YOU to Chad Wade and Stewart Sadler of Cornerstone Mortgage Group! This morning, I was Chad and Stewart’s guest at an annual event called the Residential Prayer Breakfast.  There were about 500 people sharply dressed people in attendance, mainly real estate and mortgage professionals. I’d like to […]

"Kathy and I have now put you on the top of our list to refer you for future business"

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That’s a direct quote from an email Top of Mind Networks client Rusty Maddox of Home America Mortgage received at 2:23pm this afternoon. Why?  Because while Rusty was at home with his family on Sunday afternoon, Top of Mind had sent out a Settlement Statement Reminder Letter to all Rusty’s clients. Even better – this […]

Using Permission Marketing in your Mortgage CRM

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Your CRM efforts should always bolster two top-line objectives: Facilitation of Repeat Business Facilitation of Referral Business Here’s an execution strategy you can implement tomorrow, followed by a brief ROI analysis. Give a Free Credit Report 1x/year, Complete with FICO Score Analysis Execution:  Send a letter to your sphere of influence DB promoting a Free Credit […]

"Negativity ROCKS!"

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My Saturday a.m.:  cup o’ java, bowl o’ oatmeal, and a 30-minute Inman Connect NYC keynote by a guy named Gary Vaynerchuk.  Never heard of him?  That makes two of us. Invest ½ hour in yourself and watch the video at Blown Mortgage posted by Morgan Brown.  Find out why Gary loves seeing negativity in the marketplace.  […]

What You'll Find Here

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Quick reads. Ideas. A focus on execution, not just idle talk. Strategies that have worked and how. Strategies that have failed (at least by my standards) and why. Special Top of Mind Promotions. Sales Tactics…   and a lot more.   I’d like to thank Dustin Dempsey for creating this blog for us.  He’s done […]