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Building an Email Marketing List

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Image by via CrunchBase As old school as it might sound, there are few things more important to an Internet marketer than a good email list. Email is still a powerful way into consumers’ wallets. What makes email marketing so important and how do you build the list? The Importance of Email Marketing The […]

5 Quick Tips to Getting Your Blog to Produce

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Image via Wikipedia Blogs are great things. They make publishing our thoughts and services nearly free. Google loves them and all their fresh content. But, there are millions of them. How do you make yours draw attention and produce results? 1. Have a Plan – This is the achilles heel of most bloggers. They have […]

A Tweet Is Not a Status Update – LinkedIn Misses The Mark

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A tweet is not a status update!

Another Web 2.0 Strategy: Tweet Grid

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How to use TweetGrid to search for prospects in real time!

Shout Out: Genuine Chris Finds A Sweet Twitter Angle

June 15, 2009 by · Leave a Comment

I’m not down with Twitter yet. But as y’all know I’m a religious Bloodhound Blog reader, and “Genuine” Chris Johnson gave some Twitter goodies too tasty for me not to share.  Here’s the article: The Case For Twitter, Really Fast This just goes to show a few things: 1)  You don’t have to write an […]