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Our Lenderama website service is built on the Powerful WordPress 3 platform. Widely accepted as the most powerful blogging platform available today, you can rest assured that you will be on the cutting edge of the technology available for your website. The Lenderama website platform is much more than just a blog, it is a full mortgage website. Please click below to view some sample mortgage websites.

click to view demo site
click to view demo site
click to view tutorial site


You can see a detailed list of our website features below. However, we also run our own website (and our tutorial site) using the exact same platform we provide our clients. So anything you see here can be easily replicated on your own website! So please continue looking around to get an idea of the capabilities of our website solution.

Website Features
80+ Pages of Content pre-populated with 80+ pages and articles compiled by some of the sharpest originators in the field today, each writing about their own specific area of expertise
Search Engine Optimization built-in SEO functionality and tutorials on how to use them
Mortgage Blogging built on WordPress, the most powerful blogging platform available
Secure 1003 the best secure 1003 on the market
Social Media link to all of your social profiles and feature your twitter feed right on your site
Real Estate Listing Sites create unlimited individual websites for real estate listings for your agent partners
Lead Capturing Forms lead capturing forms (including short loan app) with call to action to apply right on home page
Full Content Control modify verbiage of existing pages in a matter of seconds
Auto Blogging our auto-blogging technology syndicates new blog articles right to your blog (we blog for you)
Website Customization full control over color scheme, home page layout and features, menus, and custom header banners
Mortgage Calculator user friendly and visually beautiful calculator helps your prospects calculate payments right on your site
Rate Feed national (or state) average rate feed updates automatically for your site
Unlimited Pages create as many pages and blog articles as you want
RSS Feed your site has an RSS feed so that your content can be read by RSS feed readers such as Google Reader
Staff Profiles and Directory setup individual bios for each originator and setup a directory for your entire staff (can even be broken down by branch)
Multiple Authors and Users you can setup multiple authors and users on your site so each person can write their own articles, you can even assign roles so that articles have to be approved before publishing
Video Marketing create your own video library or tutorial section using our built in video library functionality
Testimonials Made Easy no need to worry about formatting or knowing HTML, testimonials can be added the same way new blog articles are added
SPAM Blocking prevents SPAM comments on your blog articles and prevents bots from filling out your lead capture forms
XML Sitemap each site has a dynamically generated XML Sitemap for use in submitting to the search engines
99.9% Uptime our servers are consistently monitored to prevent errors and downtime
Data Backup our servers are also backed up constantly to prevent data loss
Google Analytics Google Analytics and most other stat tracking services can be easily integrated into our site, we even have tutorials on how to do so
Company or Individual Sites our sites can accommodate use for individual originators, small teams, branches, or entire companies