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Secure 1003

Each Lenderama website comes complete with the best secure 1003 on the market today. We automatically detect what kind of browser each applicant is using and use the latest in browser technology to provide a smooth and user friendly application for those with newer browsers, while removing certain features to maintain compatibility with older web browsers. Our application is even compatible with the iPad! And of course all information is transmitted over a secure connection. And, unlike some other loan applications, we do not email the application file to you. This is a huge privacy/security issue. Our clients login securely to Surefire to download the FNM file into your LOS.

The applicant also creates a login so that if they need to stop part of the way through and come back to complete it later (even from a different computer) they can do so. At the end of the application, your applicant also “signs” the application using their mouse. The applicant, the Loan Officer, and when applicable the Loan Officer’s manager all receive notification when a new application has started and when the application is completed. And the completion notification that goes to you even contains that digital signature, so you can just print that email and include that in the loan file.

Do you want to see the loan application in action?  Click here to fill one out for yourself (please use dummy information for personal items like bank account numbers, SSN, and income).